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Child Sexual Assault In the Air: How Children Are Vulnerable While Traveling

A teen sued United Airlines for failing to take appropriate action when she was sexually assaulted on a flight. The fellow passenger pleads guilty. We examine. Read more...

Installing Child Car Seats: 95 Percent Of Adults Do It Wrong

New attention to the issue of car seat safety follows a viral video of a child in a car seat falling out of a moving car. Learn about the risk and how to avoid it. Read more...

Vulnerable And At-Risk Children: A Target Of Sex Offenders

A member of the Navajo Nation sued the Mormon church, claiming he was abused in a now-defunct program that sent children into foster care for the school year. Read more...

Sex Crimes Against Children Can Occur Anywhere

A former youth recreational basketball team leader is arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy at an event. We examine the facts and provide a checklist for safeguarding children. Read more...

March 18, 2019
A Colorado teacher is arrested for allegedly assaulting a former student. An anonymous tip line was the reason. We examine the facts.
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Many applicants, who don't meet qualifications, are being hired. What do you think? You make the call and take our poll.
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Leslie Zieren
A 19-year-old employee's mother keeps insisting on inserting herself into how his employer manages him, and the employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. how to respond.
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