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U.S.A. Swimming Accused Of Reports Of Sexual Abuse: Steps Organizations Can Take

Team USA leaders are accused of ignoring reports of hundreds of minors being sexually abused by coaches. We examine the facts. Read more...

Hostile Work Environment For Teens: Child Abuse And Sexual Harassment

A national restaurant chain is facing a federal lawsuit for sexual harassment, filed by the father of a former employee, a teenage girl. We examine the facts. Read more...

Be On The Lookout For Risks That Can Injure Very Young Children In Your Care

A family is suing a local day care after their baby suffered severe burns while in its care. We examine the facts. Read more...

Does SnapChat Facilitate Cyberbullying?

The parents of a boy was allegedly cyberbullied by Steelers' safety, Sean Davis, via the SnapChat app. We examine the facts. Read more...

April 26, 2018
A school board faces millions in legal fees after settlement talks stall. Know about your potential litigation costs before they get out of hand.
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A teacher's aide is arrested for failing to report an alleged sexual assault of a student. We examine the facts.
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A principal fails to report a student's sexual abuse. Learn why school administration and staff must understand the legal responsibility to report child sexual abuse.
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