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The Crossover Crimes Of Child Pornography And Child Sexual Abuse

A well-known USA Gymnastics physician has been accused of sexually abusing athletes and being involved in child pornography. We examine the facts and the signs safe adults should consider. Read more...

Balancing Privacy And Child Safety - The Risks Of Working With Children Alone

Working with children without other safe adults present is a high risk for your employees. Read tips for creating a policy that balances privacy with security. Read more...

Workplace Violence Goes Beyond Terrorism. Steps Employers Can Take To Secure The Workplace

The tragic attack at the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in Paris, France, reminds us that every workplace should have a response plan, should violence strike. Read more...

How Security Cameras Protect Students And Staff

Technology could protect students from wrongdoing and staff from false accusations. Read tips for installing security cameras in your school. Read more...

June 23, 2017
A study shows employees support privacy, but will trade others' private data for little in return. We look at if your employees would sell your organization's data and ask you to make the call.
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An Amish bishop, who failed to report child sexual abuse, is charged with a crime. Learn about mandatory reporting.
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A school board settles a lawsuit with the parents of a child with special needs. We provide some tips for managing these children to lower the risk.
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