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Is Any Place Safe For Children?

Police arrested a man, who allegedly tried to restrain and sexually assault a child in a library. We examine the facts. Read more...

Is It Okay To Breach A Child's Privacy To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse?

A tutor is arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a student he was mentoring after the victim's great-grandparents read the victim's diary. We examine the facts. Read more...

Are Children In Foster Care At A Higher Risk For Sexual Abuse?

A man, who took in nearly 200 girls through his state's foster care system, is arrested for sexually abusing them. We examine the risk. Read more...

Predatory Behavior: Former Teacher Gropes Student Over Her Clothing In The Middle Of Class

A former school employee is charged with child sexual abuse and possession of child pornography. Learn how this predator molested a student in the middle of class. Read more...

December 15, 2017
Should employers fire male employees for wearing makeup? You make the call and join the conversation.
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A former school aide, who is HIV-positive, is accused of sexually assaulting students and recording the abuse on video. We examine the facts.
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A man faces 140 child sexual abuse charges. We examine the facts and the differences between pedophiles and situational offenders.
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