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Long-Term Sexual Abuse Has Long-Term Effects On Victims: Why And How To Report Your Suspicions

A pastor allegedly molesting children he served over a span of 20 years. What are the effects of long-term sexual abuse on victims? Read more...

U.S.A. Swimming Accused Of Reports Of Sexual Abuse: Steps Organizations Can Take

Team USA leaders are accused of ignoring reports of hundreds of minors being sexually abused by coaches. We examine the facts. Read more...

Hostile Work Environment For Teens: Child Abuse And Sexual Harassment

A national restaurant chain is facing a federal lawsuit for sexual harassment, filed by the father of a former employee, a teenage girl. We examine the facts. Read more...

Be On The Lookout For Risks That Can Injure Very Young Children In Your Care

A family is suing a local day care after their baby suffered severe burns while in its care. We examine the facts. Read more...

November 27, 2020
Police arrest a man who had sex with a teenager and lived in her bedroom closet for more than a month before being discovered. We examine the risks and how to protect children.
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A California day care employee was fired after allegedly using force to discipline a child. We examine the risks of not having a set discipline policy as to children.
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Employees are experiencing anxiety about the pandemic, leading to a decline in their health. Are you in touch with the wellbeing of your employees? You make the call.
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